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26 July 2010 @ 04:44 pm
Livejournal: I will be back soon. Promise. There will be Matt Smith squee and Sherlock love.  

You Scored as Sgt. Benton

You are Sgt. Benton! Calm, fixed, resolute: for being such a nice person you have a bit of cynicism that you keep hidden. It helps you sort out the good from the bad when you deal with people. Not easily fooled by mere charm or facade, you are, all the same, a simple soul. You long for love but don't quite comprehend romance. you recognize that a stable home, longterm friendships, and trust and respect are the foundations of a happy life.

Sgt. Benton
Captain Mike Yates
Doctor Who (Third Doctor)
Jo Grant
Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart
The Master